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Month: November 2014

A ritual sacrifice, with pie

For the first time in my life, nobody invited me to a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner. My parents went to Los Angeles to spend it with my brothers’ families, which has been their habit ever since the adorable nieces were born. Paul and I thought that surely, somebody in Paul’s family would host — because they always have before. We’ve been dating since 1988, and until now, every year has brought us to some branch of his family for the annual ritual sacrifice with pie. So I woke up this morning with no idea at all what to do with…

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Pushing the same boulder up a hill every time

Oh, did you hear? After Tuesday’s vote, the Democrats are, like, over, man. Just like the Republicans were, like, over two years ago. But it’s not as if all the people who elected Obama in 2012 changed their minds or ceased to exist in 2014, any more than the people who voted for George W. Bush twice just vanished in 2008. (Some of them changed their minds, sure. But not all of them.) In this election, as in most other conservative electoral victories, they won because more of them voted, not because more of them exist. So — why is…

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