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Month: May 2018

Territorial demons

This is a story about the last time I went to church, which was about two years ago now, on one of our final family visits to my grandma in Lewiston. It was a new building, which felt like a concert hall or a commercial establishment. A big foyer entrance, espresso stand off to the left, a staffed “help desk” right in front of the main doors, beige carpeting. The presentation during the service was self-consciously modern. They had a rock band, drummer isolated behind a plexiglass cage to cut down on the noise. They sang songs I didn’t know,…

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The stories we tell

I posted a few tweets a while back, on a topic that has been weighing particularly heavily on my mind since 2016: Among other things, I can’t believe evangelicals are still trying to get all pious about things like adultery, given their near-universal support for DJT. It tells you a lot about their “faith” to know they want to abuse transgender people but write DJT an endless free pass. I have a LOT of #exvangelical resentments stored up, but one of my hottest rage points right now is that literally everything they ever said about “sexual morality” is now revealed…

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