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Goth House: Goth House Thinks about War

Originally published March 20, 2003. The first panel is because I interrupted an ongoing storyline with all the Goth House characters reimagined as supervillains, in order to write about the Iraq Invasion. The first phrase “I rarely get topical with the comic” doesn’t mean that I rarely got political. Mocking the religious right was always a feature, for example. However, when I started the comic I imagined it taking place in a timeless sort of gothic punk world, reminiscent of Edward Gorey’s work. Only his world stops around 1953 and mine stopped around 1983. ——— I rarely get topical with…

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Write-a-thon weeks 2-4

The short of it: I didn’t write any blog posts because I was too busy actually writing. So, in the interest of remaining entertaining, I am posting an essay that I started long, long ago, and somehow lost the first half of. This essay is about the relationship between writing-writing, Goth House, and my submitaphobia. — But I was waiting for something, and in my head I told myself I was waiting for me to write something that didn’t suck, but that’s probably a lie. When I graduated from college, my thinking was, hey, I’m finally out of school, I…

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