Julie’s Norwescon 2023 schedule

Hunting After Ghosts

Our latest: Tales of the Rougarou 4: Hunting After Ghosts

Stuck in Bayou Galene while she completes the training to master her wolf, Abby gets caught up in a forty-year-old mystery. She opens old wounds, uncovers long-buried secrets, stirs up forgotten emotions—and possibly revives an ancient enemy of the Louisiana werewolves.

Book 1: Waking Up Naked In Strange Places

Self-Abnegation in the Service of the Lord (Abby) discovers the courage to leave the New Harmony religious cult where she was raised, only to find that the “beast” Father Wisdom warned her about is all too real.

Book 2: Stripping Down to Scars

In New Orleans, Abby searches for the truth about her biological father.

Book 3: Fighting the Moon

Without her wolf, Abby struggles to contain the largest epidemic of bitten wolves anyone can remember.