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2018 Write-a-thon goals:

I was toying with the idea that I needed to get away from the Tales of the Rougarou universe for a while and was going to commit myself to working on totally unrelated short stories, then I decided, nah, the opposite of that.

As always, I encourage donations in extremely lucky multiples of $13.

For a pledge of $13 or more, you get a copy (electronic) of the werewolf fairy tale on my “writing sample” page, with illustrations.

For a pledge of $169 (13 * 13) I will write a short story in which the person of your choice gets eaten by a werewolf. This story will be shared with my other pledgers and is subject to my approval.

(For example, if you want all Republican members of congress to get eaten while Congress is in session, that won’t be a problem, but other targets might be.)