For the first time in my life, nobody invited me to a traditional family Thanksgiving dinner. My parents went to Los Angeles to spend it with my brothers’ families, which has been their habit ever since the adorable nieces were born. Paul and I thought that surely, somebody in Paul’sContinue Reading

This season five episode where Buffy and Riley split up gets props for having the same name as a Stephen Sondheim musical, but otherwise it’s one of my least favorites in the entire series. There’s something deeply unpleasant and icky about it. (And I say this as one of theContinue Reading

I followed "The Wish," as I often do, with "Doppelgangland". This episode is from later in season three, and it’s a direct follow-up to "The Wish." We meet Anya the (ex) vengeance demon again, and, oh yeah, Evil Vampire Willow makes another appearance. In fact, she gets a lot moreContinue Reading

Last night’s make-dishes-tolerable randomly-selected entertainment was season three Buffy episode "The Wish." It remains one of my favorites. It has a solid story, fascinating alt-world building, fabulous new characters, a devastating emotional punch, and is one of very few Buffy episodes to actually be, mostly, a horror story. Maybe IContinue Reading