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Fright Night: the very disappointing remake

The 1985 Fright Night has been one of my favorite vampire movies since college. I knew it was dangerous to see a remake of a movie I love-love-love, but after seeing pictures of David Tennant’s hilariously cheesy (and shirtless!) take on Peter Vincent, finding out that Marti “Buffy” Noxon wrote the script, and seeing nothing but moderately good reviews, I thought, what the hey? I figured I’d be getting a halfway decent vampire movie, if I just forgot this other thing called Fright Night existed. This is the best thing about the remake, so I’m posting it here.  I was,…

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All about werewolves: Part 2

Do you like werewolves better? Not really. Look at my book collection — I have a ton of vampire fiction but very about werewolves or other shapeshifters, except as adjuncts to vampires. But that might be another thing driving this book. I’ve tried writing vampire novels — believe me, I’ve tried! — they weren’t very good. Maybe with vampires I never found anything new to say. What did you find to say about werewolves? Well, I mentioned the lycanthropy panel that got me interested in writing about werewolves. Then there was the folklore book that got me interested in writing…

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Mermaids: still not the new vampires

[inspired by this Slate article: Mermaids are not the new vampires] The concept of something being the “new vampires” is almost exactly like the concept of something being the “new black” — it’s a joke. There is no new black. There is never a new black. Black is black for a reason. Vampires are vampires for a reason. Sure, for a while I was joking that pirates were the new zombies were the new vampires, but it was a joke. And pirates and zombies can walk on land, and are traditionally seen as monsters, or at least anti-heroes, so that…

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or, Ethan Hawke, Vampire Slayer An entertaining vampocalypse movie that still misses the chance to be really good. It begins beautifully. We watch an apparent 12-year-old writing a note to her parents and then going to sit outside in the predawn glow. We cut back and forth between things like her yellow eyes, and selected parts of the note, and we gradually realize that she is a vampire and that she is committing suicide. The sun rises, she immolates, and the credit sequence starts. After the elegant and touching opening scene, I had very high hopes for this movie. They…

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Squealing. Squealing.

This Utne Reader article quotes Sady Doyle’s assertion that Critics Pick on Twilight Fans Because They’re Girls, while at the same time acknowledging that they are both stupid and unfeminist. Doyle’s point seems to be that 1. Twilight is stupid escapist fantasy for girls, 2. Things like Tom Clancy novels are stupid escapist fantasy for boys*, and 3. Media backlash against Twilight is vehement and condescending, while virtually nonexistent against things like Tom Clancy novels or Harry Potter, therefore 4. Media backlash against Twilight is driven by the fact that Twilight’s biggest fan base is a maligned group, teenage girls.…

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Blood Ties, K-Ville, Alice B. Toklas

Really, I just wanted to make sure the "vampires" tag keeps pace with the "religion" tag. Tanya Huff ( on LiveJournal) was guest of hono(u)r at V-Con, so, after liking her on panels, I bought a book of hers in the dealers’ room (Blood Bank) and read it. It was a collection of short stories about the characters who were the basis of the Lifetime series Blood Ties: a male cop, a female ex cop, and a male vampire, who are in kind of a love triangle thing and solved mystical crimes in Toronto. The short stories were mostly set…

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The Vampire Diaries: Pilot and the next one, whatever it was called

The very first scene of The Vampire Diaries pilot showed a lot of promise, because it’s actually a horror scene. Country road! Night! Fog that comes out of nowhere! Raven! Then the boyfriend disappears out of the frame, up. When vampires can fly, I hate actually seeing them fly, because it tends to look seriously dumb, but I love things like people looking up into the sky and screaming, and people getting pulled up out of the frame as if they’ve been snatched by a giant bird. (In general, this is what works in horror: I, the viewer, cannot possibly…

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Two theories about Twilight

For a while I thought I wanted to do a complete, detailed, Left-Behind-style smackdown of Twilight, but then I decided that I already read the darned thing once, I didn’t want to read it again. Anyway, I thought it would be corrosive to my soul to spend so much time dwelling on something neither pleasant, nor necessary. Slacktivist, I salute you for your fortitude. I have not the strength. Instead, I’m just going to throw out my two theories about Twilight that I never got to share on the panel that didn’t happen. Theory 1: Bella is actually intended to…

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It does have a very nice cover

So, last night I was complaining about Twilight. I reached a point in the novel (which, you ought to know, I am reading for science!), around page 300, where things started to be particularly tough going. I’m not sure why this is the part where it’s become such a chore to maybe finish reading it before Worldcon. Maybe it’s just the point where my irritation has overwhelmed my curiosity. Anyway, it’s a peculiar thing about complaints, that somehow the more you complain about something the more other people get interested in what you’re complaining about. The reaction is “really? I…

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Into the Woods

This season five episode where Buffy and Riley split up gets props for having the same name as a Stephen Sondheim musical, but otherwise it’s one of my least favorites in the entire series. There’s something deeply unpleasant and icky about it. (And I say this as one of the fans who likes the scene in season six where Buffy and Spike beat the hell out of each other and then have sex for the first time.) The plot: after having sex with Buffy, Riley sneaks out of their bed to go get bit by vampire hookers. Spike, who has…

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True Blood

I previously saw one episode from the middle of the first season, and found it interesting but kind of oddly B-movie-ish. That is, it had a lot of bloody, sexy energy but people said and did ridiculous things and were prone to overacting.

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The trend that never dies

Although Jezebel is how I came to the brilliant Buffy vs. Edward clip, I disagree quite a lot with this analysis of recent vampire trends which concludes women play a supporting role. Basically, it’s confused about what it means to "play a supporting role." It doesn’t mean you’re not the vampire. It means it’s not your story. It means you are not the protagonist. It means the story is not constructed from your point of view. The most traditional vampire stories are not told from the vampire’s point of view, that’s what made Anne Rice seem so fresh, once upon…

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