Goth House, the comic, was originally part of the Throwrug print zine in the early 90s. Written and drawn by Julie McGalliard, the comic moved online when Throwrug ceased production. Goth House Press began as a way to bring collections of the comic into print, mostly as short-run chapbooks.

Currently, Julie is gradually republishing the original Goth House web comic in a more mobile-friendly way.

Facebook: GothHouse


  1. Just found your site and love it! Looking forward to reading more (especially your posts on patriarchy).

  2. Oh my gosh! You’re in Seattle too!! Thrills me no end to have another Hillary supporter and dark of the year lover in my town.

  3. Hi Julie! I work for a company called The Black Ravens. Just wondering if you fancy getting some free clothing in exchange for doing a review for us?