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Two thousand years, eight million people


A two-week trip to London is almost long enough to start getting blasé about being surrounded by spectacular Victorian buildings, any one of which would be a showpiece in Seattle.

Beatles Tour
For example, here we are waiting for the Beatles tour to start. Ho hum.

Is it long enough to get blasé about the walk from the Tube stop at Tower Hill, where you migrate along with the crush of people stealing glances at a view that includes a massive fragment of the original Roman wall and the hulking medieval menace of the Tower of London in the background?

London - Wall and Tower from Tower Hill

Nope. I could probably live in London for years and never truly get blasé about that.

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Bali — the Monkey Forest

Monday, the day after the wedding, we all flew to Bali. This process took all day even though Bali isn’t that far — it was only a 1.5 hour flight. But traffic is bad so we left lots of extra time to be sitting at the airport. When we got here it was already getting dark. The plane lands in…can’t remember the name of the city, it’s the biggest one in Bali though. The landing strip is funny because it looks for all the world like you’re going to land in the ocean, and then suddenly there’s an airstrip there.…

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From the city of Ubud, Bali — a Sundanese wedding

On Sunday we had the wedding. This was basically an all-day affair because the women (me, Mom, Holly) were picked up for makeup etc. at 11:30 am (or so — every time somebody was supposed to pick us up for something it ended up being later than what was said. There was a lot of “we’re meeting at ten” “no, we’re meeting at eleven” “Madrim’s mom is picking you up at the bottom of the Lagoon Tower” “no, a driver is picking you up at the bottom of the Garden Tower.”) We went to a batik store recommended by Madrim’s…

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Sunday from Jakarta Hilton

Today is Sunday — the day of the wedding. Yesterday my brother Mike rented a van to take us around for the whole day. He thought we should experience the world-famous Javanese style massage at one of the more highly-regarded parlours. So we did. It’s about $10 for an hour-long massage, more for longer. I had something called Lulor, which is where they massage you with exfoliating cream as well. I’m not sure I would have thought previously “You know what would feel really good to somebody with eczema? A massage with sand!” but it seemed like the right thing…

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From the Jakarta Hilton

Okay, another case where I only have ten minutes to post something but at least this keyboard has all its keys. We have been in Jakarta two nights. The Hilton is pretty nice, although apparently several foreign governments have issued warnings that this hotel is a terrorist target. We saw on CNN interviews with unconcerned Australian tourists. My Dad said that he got interviewed too but we didn’t see that. My brother John keeps slipping into a really bad Australian accent. None of us know why. The weather outside is hot and humid and feels about like the butterfly garden…

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from the singapore airport

hmm…the shift doesn’t seem to be working…the singapore airport has free massage chairs and free internet terminals. i used the massage chair already. they are a little unnerving because they have these cuffs that squeeze your legs — so for a moment you’re immobilized. like a supervillain chair. so here was our day — drive to seatac starting at noon. fly to san franisco. san francisco has an international terminal that is like a whole separate airport all to itself. it’s enormous. then we got on a singapore air flight at midnight and it was fifteen hours to hong kong.…

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