from the singapore airport

hmm…the shift doesn’t seem to be working…the singapore airport has free massage chairs and free internet terminals. i used the massage chair already. they are a little unnerving because they have these cuffs that squeeze your legs — so for a moment you’re immobilized. like a supervillain chair. so here was our day — drive to seatac starting at noon. fly to san franisco. san francisco has an international terminal that is like a whole separate airport all to itself. it’s enormous. then we got on a singapore air flight at midnight and it was fifteen hours to hong kong. singapore air flight attendants — the women anyway — have the most adorable uniforms. they do all sorts of nice extras. like they give you a hot, moist towel when you first get on the plane, and also in the morning on all-night flights. i don’t know exactly what they are for. but they’re nice. and on the all-night flight they gave us a ‘kit bag’ which had a toothbrush and toothpaste and purple socks in them. so i put on the purple socks. hmm, the c key is sticking. soks. i wore the soks. there is a little video terminal in the seat in front of you where you can watch a bazillion movies and television shows and things. so i wathed i, robot and miracle on 34th street. i, robot was okay. miracle on 34th street was good. i’ve only ever seen it in bits and pieces on television before.
still, it was an awfully long time to be on a plane.
the hong kong airport felt an awful lot like some malls i’ve been in the vanouver bc area.
the singapore airport is cool — they have things like free internet and massage chairs.
so now we’re going to go to jakarta.
we lost a day. the 16th i think. so i can only assume that nothing which happened on that day concerns me at all.