The finger wounds that started to bug me over the weekend were actually a return of the dyshidrotic eczema that has plagued me periodically throughout my life. Usually, when it appears, it is painful and irritating for a couple of weeks, then it goes away. Except in the summer/fall ofContinue Reading

Back during the Clinton years (remember those?) when Democrats failed to pass "Hillarycare," Paul and I had a debate with my parents about health care reform. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Clinton plan, I thought it was weak and vague. But the conflict with my parents wasn’t aboutContinue Reading

(Started at 5:30 this morning.) Why am I up? I could be hungry. If I go to bed hungry I can’t sleep through the night. But I don’t always realize at first that I am hungry, it takes a while for me to be awake enough to recognize that feeling.Continue Reading

It’s almost Christmas and I’m sitting in the exercise room. It used to be my brother Michael’s room. Then I think it was the sewing room, but now the room that used to be my room is the sewing room, unless John’s old room is now the sewing room. AtContinue Reading

Or, why, sometimes it might be better just to not touch anything. So, our Halloween party decorations are in a storage closet. This storage closet also contains occasional-use items like camping equipment, as well as a great many boxes of “I don’t think I can just throw this out, andContinue Reading