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The Twilight Zone!

Check out this Goodreads infographic about who loves Twilight the most. The pattern is, intense Twilight love in the south and midwest, shading gradually to “meh” on the coasts. The red/blue split looks a lot like red/blue voting results, which is kind of interesting. It could be driven by the same demographic — people from more concentrated urban areas are less thrilled about Twilight. I’d like to see a more detailed zip code map, where you could see if there’s an isolated pocket of Twilove in Forks.

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Thank you, Mark

So, remember how back in August I couldn’t bring myself to do a chapter-by-chapter Twilight analysis? Amazingly, it turns out, at that exact same time this guy Mark was reading Twilight so you don’t have to. And coming to conclusions — about the suckiness of the writing and the creepiness of the Edward — that were almost identical to mine. (Cue Twilight Zone theme.)

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New (*koff*) Moon

Yes, I did eventually decide to see New Moon on its final day at the Cinerama. My thinking was like this: if I had never heard of it before, a movie with solidly middling reviews that promised me hot, shirtless werewolf boys battling hot, shirtless vampire boys would have seemed like a winner. So I kept having this little dialogue with myself, where my inner fourteen-year-old-boy would say "Werewolves! Vampires! Shirtless fighting!" because, while my inner fourteen-year-old boy likes blood and guts and violence just as you might expect, he is also kinda gay. And then the 22-year-old-hipster of indeterminate…

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One more thing

I just thought of something. Twilight fans might be overwhelmingly female and largely teenage, but Sarah Palin fans are middle-aged white men, and she gets quite a lot of media backlash. Say what you like about changing demographics and whatnot, but last time I checked middle-aged white men still pretty much ruled the world. So actually the thing they have in common is strength of devotion combined with the poor quality of the underlying product.

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Squealing. Squealing.

This Utne Reader article quotes Sady Doyle’s assertion that Critics Pick on Twilight Fans Because They’re Girls, while at the same time acknowledging that they are both stupid and unfeminist. Doyle’s point seems to be that 1. Twilight is stupid escapist fantasy for girls, 2. Things like Tom Clancy novels are stupid escapist fantasy for boys*, and 3. Media backlash against Twilight is vehement and condescending, while virtually nonexistent against things like Tom Clancy novels or Harry Potter, therefore 4. Media backlash against Twilight is driven by the fact that Twilight’s biggest fan base is a maligned group, teenage girls.…

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Two theories about Twilight

For a while I thought I wanted to do a complete, detailed, Left-Behind-style smackdown of Twilight, but then I decided that I already read the darned thing once, I didn’t want to read it again. Anyway, I thought it would be corrosive to my soul to spend so much time dwelling on something neither pleasant, nor necessary. Slacktivist, I salute you for your fortitude. I have not the strength. Instead, I’m just going to throw out my two theories about Twilight that I never got to share on the panel that didn’t happen. Theory 1: Bella is actually intended to…

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It does have a very nice cover

So, last night I was complaining about Twilight. I reached a point in the novel (which, you ought to know, I am reading for science!), around page 300, where things started to be particularly tough going. I’m not sure why this is the part where it’s become such a chore to maybe finish reading it before Worldcon. Maybe it’s just the point where my irritation has overwhelmed my curiosity. Anyway, it’s a peculiar thing about complaints, that somehow the more you complain about something the more other people get interested in what you’re complaining about. The reaction is “really? I…

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