The Twilight Zone!

Check out this Goodreads infographic about who loves Twilight the most.

The pattern is, intense Twilight love in the south and midwest, shading gradually to “meh” on the coasts. The red/blue split looks a lot like red/blue voting results, which is kind of interesting. It could be driven by the same demographic — people from more concentrated urban areas are less thrilled about Twilight.

I’d like to see a more detailed zip code map, where you could see if there’s an isolated pocket of Twilove in Forks.


  1. I get the impression that the folks in Forks love the Twilight fans much more than the books themselves; or more properly the money the fans are willing to spend. I’ve seen a couple of interviews with townsfolk where they seemed mildly bewildered by the success of the series, but willing to trade in the resulting tourism…

    1. Author

      Yes, their pandering to the Twifans does seem a little calculated and mercenary. But because it’s Forks — which has never previously had any reason to attract tourists other than “random desire to visit rainiest place in contiguous US” — I find this fact oddly charming.

      1. Considering how unkind Meyers is to the area in her descriptions (in the first book at least) I too am delighted by every dollar the Forks denizens can vacuum out of visiting Twilight fans’ pockets. Even for ‘Twilight’-themed firewood, however that works.

        1. Yep. I’m also happy for Forks having some new funds. Forks schools have started up their band program again!

  2. Could it be that the abstinence and pro-life messages of the books appeal more to red states then blue ones.

    1. Author

      That’s one theory. The tensions in it might resonate more for people from different subcultures.

  3. My gods… that jaw line! You’re right, she’s been filmed in Supermarionation!

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