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The Slaughtered Lamb

It’s Rougarou Month here at Goth House Press to celebrate the upcoming release of Stripping Down to Scars. Inspired (sort of) by this article about 1981 werewolf movies from the Los Angeles Review of Books, I wanted to talk about the movie An American Werewolf in London. In 1981 I was 15 and lived way the heck out there in suburbia with no fellow horror fans around, so I didn’t have any practical way to watch horror movies new in the theater. But I was a dedicated watcher of Siskel & Ebert, and sometimes they would review a movie that…

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All about werewolves: Part 2

Do you like werewolves better? Not really. Look at my book collection — I have a ton of vampire fiction but very about werewolves or other shapeshifters, except as adjuncts to vampires. But that might be another thing driving this book. I’ve tried writing vampire novels — believe me, I’ve tried! — they weren’t very good. Maybe with vampires I never found anything new to say. What did you find to say about werewolves? Well, I mentioned the lycanthropy panel that got me interested in writing about werewolves. Then there was the folklore book that got me interested in writing…

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All about werewolves: Part 1

At one point while I was working on an earlier draft of the book, when I was completely stuck on the plot, I wrote this little self-interview. [Edited to remove spoilers] Where did you get the notion for having two kinds of werewolves — natural born and bite-infected? When I first realized I was writing a werewolf novel, I spent a lot of time thinking about the mechanics of it. I didn’t want to take anything for granted. Full moon or not? All three days or just one? Can they change at will? Do they remember being the wolf? How…

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Mermaids: still not the new vampires

[inspired by this Slate article: Mermaids are not the new vampires] The concept of something being the “new vampires” is almost exactly like the concept of something being the “new black” — it’s a joke. There is no new black. There is never a new black. Black is black for a reason. Vampires are vampires for a reason. Sure, for a while I was joking that pirates were the new zombies were the new vampires, but it was a joke. And pirates and zombies can walk on land, and are traditionally seen as monsters, or at least anti-heroes, so that…

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