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Author: Julie McGalliard

I’m in heaven, I’ve got scars that can’t be seen

Ground Control to Major Tom New Year’s Eve, 1980. I was with my immediate family, watching television in a hotel room in Redding California. We were on our way back to King County after spending Christmas with family in southern California. I was thirteen. Because it was the turning of the decade, the show featured a retrospective on the 1970s. This included a clip of David Bowie performing “Space Oddity.” I don’t remember exactly what he was wearing. It might have been his Ziggy Stardust getup, or the dress with the handprints. What I remember is having two thoughts, right…

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New Orleans Voodoo & Houma Rougarou Fest

Part of Rougarou Month here at Goth House Press! I’ve spent the last few days in New Orleans with friends. On Friday we went to the Voodoo Festival, got soaked by tropical storm Olga, and saw a fantastic set by Guns and Roses. It might seem strange that New Orleans has so many big outdoor music festivals, given how often they get rained on, and sometimes rained out, but somehow it always seems worth it. My boots are still muddy, though. Next time I’m wearing galoshes. After an incredibly soggy Friday, Sunday was sunny and kind of hot. We drove out…

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The Slaughtered Lamb

It’s Rougarou Month here at Goth House Press to celebrate the upcoming release of Stripping Down to Scars. Inspired (sort of) by this article about 1981 werewolf movies from the Los Angeles Review of Books, I wanted to talk about the movie An American Werewolf in London. In 1981 I was 15 and lived way the heck out there in suburbia with no fellow horror fans around, so I didn’t have any practical way to watch horror movies new in the theater. But I was a dedicated watcher of Siskel & Ebert, and sometimes they would review a movie that…

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Write-a-thon 2019: Final thoughts

Shown above: most excellent villains Hello everyone! It’s the last day of the Clarion West 2019 Write-a-thon, and there is still time to sponsor me, or sponsor someone else. We’re all great! And all the money goes to Clarion West! As I explained in the previous essay, my original goal for this year was to write rapid drafts of books 3-7 in the rougarou series, but after it took me three weeks to write the draft of book 3 I realized I would be lucky to finish the rapid draft of book 4 in the next three weeks. So, what…

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Write-a-thon 2019: the story of the story

Hello everyone! We’re already halfway through the Clarion West 2019 Write-a-thon and here I am, finally writing my first essay about it! (Sponsor me! Or sponsor someone else! We’re all great! And all the money goes to Clarion West!) (Note: at publication time we are 4/6 of the way through now, that’s what prepping for a birthday party will get you. Which reminds me: it’s my birthday. My birthday always falls during Clarion West, which means that I spent my birthday while I was at CW sewing a second head on a stuffed cat to be given to Ellen Datlow.…

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