Fighting the Moon comes out on February 16, Mardi Gras. If this were a normal year, in New Orleans, the last two weeks before Mardi Gras would be an absolute whirlwind of parades, krewe balls, and events of all kinds. So I’m going to kick off with a photo ofContinue Reading

In 2006 I started telling the “How Saint Expedite got me into Clarion West” story to anyone who seemed interested. A version of it existed on a previous version of the website. That’s how my husband’s sister Dorothy knew to call us up and say, “You know that statue that’sContinue Reading

During the Great Boxing Week Ice Storm of 1996  Paul and I flew to New Orleans for the first time. We spent a day crammed into SeaTac airport with thousands of other stranded travelers, as the airport gradually ran out of food, plane de-icer, civility, and hope. The airline promised us,Continue Reading

In 2006, I made a vow to the powers that be that if the New Orleans Saints went to the Superbowl I would watch the Superbowl. claimed that vow only applied to the 2006-07 season, but I stuck by it. Nope. I made a vow. I wasn’t about to renegeContinue Reading