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Saint Expedite and me: Part 2

In 2006 I started telling the “How Saint Expedite got me into Clarion West” story to anyone who seemed interested. A version of it existed on a previous version of the website. That’s how my husband’s sister Dorothy knew to call us up and say, “You know that statue that’s been in the crawlspace forever? I think it’s Saint Expedite.” We thought this unlikely, to say the least. Because there aren’t statues of Saint Expedite — not in this country, anyway. The one in New Orleans was the only one, as far as we knew. As far as anyone knew.…

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Saint Expedite and me: Part 1

During the Great Boxing Week Ice Storm of 1996  Paul and I flew to New Orleans for the first time. We spent a day crammed into SeaTac airport with thousands of other stranded travelers, as the airport gradually ran out of food, plane de-icer, civility, and hope. The airline promised us, again and again, that our prospective flight was “your best bet for getting outta here.” And, truthfully, even if we had gotten fed up enough to bag the trip and leave the airport, the entire Puget Sound region was covered in ice and without power, so where would we have gone?…

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Who’s got spirit, or, how I learned to hate, and then be okay with, the sport of American football

I’m not sure when I learned to hate team sports as a participant — it was probably some time in elementary school. You know the story — pretty much every nerd lived through it — unpopular, uncoordinated, and inevitably picked last. The thing is, I wasn’t completely unathletic — I went hiking with my family and took dance classes and even got a Presidential Physical Fitness award one year. But team sports demand a certain kind of ability and attention that I was never very good at. Softball, for example, requires standing around doing absolutely nothing for very long stretches,…

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In 2006, I made a vow to the powers that be that if the New Orleans Saints went to the Superbowl I would watch the Superbowl. claimed that vow only applied to the 2006-07 season, but I stuck by it. Nope. I made a vow. I wasn’t about to renege on a vow made to mysterious powers having to do with me and New Orleans. (Which is a whole big thing which I will write here sometime.) So that’s how I came to watch the Superbowl yesterday. I mean, actually watch it, as opposed to being in the same room…

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