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Month: April 2008

At least two cents about OSBP

So, you’ve heard about the open-source boob project controversy, right? Well, now you have. I will summarize, with prejudice: some pervs hanging out at Penguicon decided that people aren’t rude enough already and it should be easier to proposition random strangers re: copping a feel. In the interest of that goal, they devised buttons that indicated whether the wearer was interested in hearing that particular proposition. The idea was that if you wore a “Yes” button you were part of the Open-Source Boob Project. Now, pervs at conventions do a lot of stuff that grosses me out, and usually I…

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Send Keffy to Clarion!

Keffy, one of my partners in crime — er, literature — er, comics — got accepted to the Clarion Writers Workshop, and needs cash to be able to go. If any of you out there would like to donate, here is the post with the PayPal link: Clarion is Expensive. There are many reasons Keffy should be able to go to Clarion. Because it will maybe sort of in my dreams help get funding for Come As You Arggghhh, destined to be the greatest zombie comedy since Shaun of the Dead. Because the author of such phrases as “banjo-plucking nowhere”…

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The Sucky Bowlers Defense League

It has recently come to my attention that presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s unimpressive bowling score has led some pundits to actually question his fitness for office. Chris Matthews : “the fact that he’s that terrible at bowling does make you wonder.” Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist: “You know Willie, the thing is, Americans want their president, if it’s a man, to be a real man.” “Out of my president, I want a 150, at least.” Jon Decker: “in northeast central Pennsylvania … they can’t identify with someone getting a 37 over seven frames.” A 37? I’ve bowled a 37. I…

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Brains… Brains…

Last night we had a zombie-fest which involved 1. Drinking zombies, and 2. Watching zombie movies on Mike’s giant projection TV screen. We watched Shaun of the Dead (which somebody there hadn’t yet seen… gasp!) and then The Return of the Living Dead (which a few people there hadn’t seen… slightly less shocked gasp!) Until Shaun was released in 2004, Return was the best zombie comedy in existence. I was shocked that it could be knocked out of the top spot after nearly twenty years, but there you go. Shaun is hilarious and touching and grisly and cynical without being…

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Game Fan Flamebait

At Norwescon I got asked whether I thought video games were a narrative art form. I knew the answer — "no, I do not believe that video games are a narrative art form." But I presented my case off the cuff and wanted to spend some time examining it. I asserted that an essential quality that makes something a game — interactivity — is fundamentally at odds with the act of storytelling. I think that was slightly wrong. What I really mean is, the act of playing a game is fundamentally not a narrative act.

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X is Symmetry


On Sunday, March 30, 2008, I saw the LA punk band X at an all ages show at The Showbox in Seattle.

On Thursday, October ?? (the ticket has been torn), 1982, I saw the LA punk band X at an all ages show at The Showbox in Seattle.

The current tour is an "anniversary" tour, which is cooler than a reunion tour. They played mostly stuff from their earlier, punkier albums, rather than from their later, uh… less punk albums.

I have seen them once before in recent years, and enjoyed it, but the sound was a little off and the show never quite achieved magical. The one on Sunday night did. It was pretty much perfect in every way.

Except, I was an idiot and didn’t dress for the concert assuming I was going to end up in the dance pit, but I suppose the fact that I wasn’t fully prepared to get sweaty and stepped on, and had to hold down my bag so it didn’t flap around too much when I pogoed, was part of the charm.

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