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Month: August 2009

Two theories about Twilight

For a while I thought I wanted to do a complete, detailed, Left-Behind-style smackdown of Twilight, but then I decided that I already read the darned thing once, I didn’t want to read it again. Anyway, I thought it would be corrosive to my soul to spend so much time dwelling on something neither pleasant, nor necessary. Slacktivist, I salute you for your fortitude. I have not the strength. Instead, I’m just going to throw out my two theories about Twilight that I never got to share on the panel that didn’t happen. Theory 1: Bella is actually intended to…

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Montreal Friday

Le photos! Friday was the day we went to Au Pied de Cochon, which you can see here in this YouTube video of chef Martin Picard attempting to kill Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations with meat. So, we had, among other things, controversial French delicacy foie gras. Fatty liver of duck or goose. This delicacy is controversial because it involves force-feeding the animals, which exploits a natural tendency these birds have to fatten up before migration. It softens and fat-ifies the liver, which, I can now attest, makes it taste uniquely delicious. (As part of poutine, the dish of Quebec,…

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Dear public transportation

What the hell is wrong with you? If every Greyhound and Amtrak route between Seattle and Bellingham is always sold out all the time, WHY DON’T YOU ADD MORE ROUTES? Don’t you want people to ride you instead of driving their own cars? And, dear Greyhound, why did your website work just fine the first time I tried ordering tickets there and never again? Do mice nibble your code? Dear Obama administration, please make high speed rail between Seattle and Bellingham one of your top infrastructure priorities. Thank you.

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I decided that I would be more likely to get all my photos uploaded if I gave myself permission to process only one day at a time. So here is Thursday: Montreal WorldCon Thursday Nothing very embarrassing, although you do get a rather nice view of ‘s hair from above. My favorite programming item that I actually saw was Paul Krugman and Charlie Stross. It was exactly the sort of thing I go to WorldCons for: funny, thought-provoking, and the result of getting a whole bunch of talent together in the same place. Somehow I missed all Neil Gaiman’s actual…

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It does have a very nice cover

So, last night I was complaining about Twilight. I reached a point in the novel (which, you ought to know, I am reading for science!), around page 300, where things started to be particularly tough going. I’m not sure why this is the part where it’s become such a chore to maybe finish reading it before Worldcon. Maybe it’s just the point where my irritation has overwhelmed my curiosity. Anyway, it’s a peculiar thing about complaints, that somehow the more you complain about something the more other people get interested in what you’re complaining about. The reaction is “really? I…

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