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Month: January 2010

The Lovely Bones

Saw this in spite of the middling reviews, because, you know, Peter Jackson and all. Also it looked kind of intriguing. And it is. Kind of. Intriguing. Still, I do not recommend it. To dispense with its charms: The cast is pretty good. Stanley Tucci is the creepy standout as the messed up pedophile serial killer. It has lovely cinematography, including lovely fantasy sequences set in a kind of honey-soaked purgatory, and a lovely 70s retro design that captures the slightly orange look of everything in that decade. A handful of scenes work very well, most of them the ones…

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Chocolate worms

 : Remember back when we were kids and we had to check chocolate bars for worms?  ,  ,  : Uh, what? : You’d look for holes in the chocolate and if there were holes you broke it in half, and if you saw webs you wouldn’t eat it?  ,  , : Um… you mean after it had been sitting in your parents’ cupboard for a couple of years? : No, I mean a chocolate bar you just bought in the store.  ,  , : No. We don’t remember that. Nobody remembers that. So, Internet… Does anybody other than Paul remember…

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or, Ethan Hawke, Vampire Slayer An entertaining vampocalypse movie that still misses the chance to be really good. It begins beautifully. We watch an apparent 12-year-old writing a note to her parents and then going to sit outside in the predawn glow. We cut back and forth between things like her yellow eyes, and selected parts of the note, and we gradually realize that she is a vampire and that she is committing suicide. The sun rises, she immolates, and the credit sequence starts. After the elegant and touching opening scene, I had very high hopes for this movie. They…

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