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Month: June 2011

Write-a-thon: Day 9

I have successfully written a brand new short story that I don’t (yet) think is entirely horrible. It’s science fiction but it could be fantasy. Victory 1! But I have not yet overcome submitaphobia. That’s okay. My goal is to, over six weeks, write and submit three stories. I haven’t failed yet. Right now, I think I am entering the cycle of wallowing in the abyss of my own suckitude. Not as a writer, no. As a functioning adult-type human being. I mean, honestly. There are people out there with real problems they are dealing with, and what is my…

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Write-a-thon Days 1-3

First failing: writing a post every day of the write-a-thon. I was totally going to do that. Then I didn’t. Second failing: getting much writing done. Actually that might not be a failing. I have been in novel-writing mode for a couple of years and am trying to switch gears to short story mode for a while. Someday I might be able to keep both modes going at once, but maybe not, I don’t know. I think that I need to get kind of obsessive-compulsive about writing in order to do it and being OC about a particular novel feels…

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