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Month: April 2013

Sinners in the hands of an indifferent void

Sometimes you have to wonder why the idea of hell caught on the way it did. Sure, it’s an interesting metaphor in art and fiction (Bosch… Milton… Dante… Gaiman…), but why do people believe in it with the sincerity and fervor with which they apparently do? It’s a pretty weird prospect when you think about it. Imagine trying to explain it to a Martian: Evangelist: Believe in what I tell you or you’ll go to hell, a place of eternal torment! Martian: Really? And how does that happen? Evangelist: God sends you there after you die! Martian: God. A supernatural…

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Fan fiction

Since I know some of my Buffy-related readers are into fan fiction, I thought you might enjoy this passionate (and delightful) defense of it from a literary history perspective: Cheers! The Smashed poll is almost ready, except I have to go to work now!

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