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Month: October 2013

Room 237 and The Shining

A few months ago I saw the movie Room 237, a documentary about obsessive super-fans of Stanley Kubrick’s movie The Shining, who have watched it more times than you’ve seen Star Wars and developed interesting interpretive theories about Kubrick’s film. These range from the relatively plausible (small incongruities aren’t continuity errors — they Mean Something) to the jaw-droppingly bizarre (it’s Kubrick’s way of confessing that he helped fake the moon landing). Most movies of that type would really be about the fans — showing them, letting us into their lives — but this movie is focused on explicating their ideas.…

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On being an adult

Paul: I learned to do specific, useless household chores as a kid. Like iron towels. Julie: My mom asked me to help fold towels once. Then she told me to stop because I was doing it wrong. I don’t think I ever did anything around the house again. Just this morning, Paul and I were talking about household chores, and then later I ran into this essay about how we all need to learn to do domestic adult-type things. [ Be an adult… learn to cook] This inspired me to locate and publish this partially completed essay started about a…

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My VCON schedule

The theme this year is pirates. I just realized I am on no pirate-related programming. So I will throw this out there: a few years ago I was saying that pirates are the new zombies are the new vampires. Steampunk is the new pirates. I don’t know if there’s a new steampunk. Supernatural Horror and the Influence of Lovecraft – Fri, Oct 4; 11 PM – 12 AM (midnight) Others Among Us – Sat, Oct 5; 10 AM – 11 AM Much Ado About Whedon – Sun, Oct 6; 1 PM – 2 PM Trapped by the Taliban (or: Who…

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