It’s alive! Alive!

(In case it’s not clear, the title should be read in a full-on mad scientist cackle)

This is the official debut of the new, with all the old content arranged on a shiny new WordPress with Comicpress installation. Poor little comics that have been stranded behind my aging, neglected code are visible again, all arranged by storyline and classified with tags and other exciting stuff.

I am still in the process of porting some of the blog content, and there are a few tweaks here and there I still hope to do. If you have any ideas, or notice any problems, go ahead and share. If you do leave a comment, I more or less share John Scalzi’s philosophy on the matter. (Note for Paul: Scalzi claims to have invented the bacon obsession in September 2006 by taping bacon to his cat. Are you going to argue with him?)

I was hoping to have the process completed before the Write-a-thon began, but halfway through the first week is pretty close.