The Normal person vs the Gothic: A cautionary tale

a NORMAL personThe Normal in Character is characterized by her Sunny Disposition and
her Bright, WHOLESOME appearance.

Note her Eager Eyes and HEALTHY PINK GLOW.

Her days are Consumed with ways to make the day ever more HAPPY and

Her smooth brow is never Troubled by thoughts of a Morbid or
Disturbing Nature.

She is naturally Trusting & OBEDIENT to those in Authority, and her
Good Cheer never falters.

Dangerous Snares which can Turn a NORMAL person into a GOTHICIZER:

Excessive Time spent listening to music that is Somber in Nature,
Minor in Key, Peculiar in Subject, or otherwise Strange to the Ear.

Any desire to be about in the Night, resulting in Bedtimes of an
Unhealthy Late nature and Dissipated Sluggishness in the Morning.

An interest in Art, Films, Books & other Entertainments dealing with
the Uncanny, the Morbid, or the Supernatural.

Consumption of Espresso Coffee in Immoderate amounts.


a GOTHIC personThe Gothick Deviant is characterized by a Morbid Disposition and a
pallid appearance of EXTREME DISSIPATION. Note the Eyes Shadowed with

Her days are Wasted with Artistic pursuits of a WHOLLY DECADENT

Her mind is Burdened by Unnatural Thoughts and Preoccupations.

She is Disagreeable in the Extreme and prone to Fits of Temper and
Wild Behavior.

Profitable Ways to help turn a Gothical person BACK into a NORMAL

REMOVAL of all Unhealthy STIMULUS such as Comic-books, Movies,
Musical Recordings, Novels, and Poetry.

Time Spent in a Re-Education Centre where her Unnatural Mental
Response can be ELIMINATED.

Judicious Application of psycho-physiological THERAPIES including:

  • Lobotomization
  • Electrical Shock Treatment
  • Normalizing Medications