So, you’ve heard about the open-source boob project controversy, right? Well, now you have. I will summarize, with prejudice: some pervs hanging out at Penguicon decided that people aren’t rude enough already and it should be easier to proposition random strangers re: copping a feel. In the interest of thatContinue Reading

Keffy, one of my partners in crime — er, literature — er, comics — got accepted to the Clarion Writers Workshop, and needs cash to be able to go. If any of you out there would like to donate, here is the post with the PayPal link: Clarion is Expensive.Continue Reading

It has recently come to my attention that presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s unimpressive bowling score has led some pundits to actually question his fitness for office. Chris Matthews : “the fact that he’s that terrible at bowling does make you wonder.” Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist: “You know Willie, theContinue Reading

Last night we had a zombie-fest which involved 1. Drinking zombies, and 2. Watching zombie movies on Mike’s giant projection TV screen. We watched Shaun of the Dead (which somebody there hadn’t yet seen… gasp!) and then The Return of the Living Dead (which a few people there hadn’t seen…Continue Reading

At Norwescon I got asked whether I thought video games were a narrative art form. I knew the answer — "no, I do not believe that video games are a narrative art form." But I presented my case off the cuff and wanted to spend some time examining it. IContinue Reading

On Sunday, March 30, 2008, I saw the LA punk band X at an all ages show at The Showbox in Seattle. On Thursday, October ?? (the ticket has been torn), 1982, I saw the LA punk band X at an all ages show at The Showbox in Seattle. TheContinue Reading

I can’t be the only person on the whole Internet who hates the phrase “allows you to” as part of a software description. Can I? And yet, a Googling of “hates the phrase allows you to” brings up nothing, as do any number of less specific variations. I don’t knowContinue Reading

Nearly two years ago, I complained about the planned sparkling tower of yuppiness that was to be Bay View Tower. As of March 2, 2008 the developers of Bay View Tower are refunding deposits. According to project manager Robert Howe, the project isn’t dead. But they have vacated their salesContinue Reading

I saw a random episode of “The Big Bang Theory” last night when I was moping and thinking I might be sick. It’s been an astonishingly long time since I’ve seen a standard sitcom — you know, limited sets, obvious jokes, contrived interchangeable plots, contrived interchangeable characters, frequent pauses forContinue Reading

Bill O’Reilly, master of racial sensitivity has stated that he will not “go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels.” Phew! What a relief! O’Reilly is only going to try to lynch the wife of theContinue Reading

The downside of having one’s husband come home from working on Norwescon at three in the morning is disrupted sleep. The upside of disrupted sleep is sometimes remembering dreams. Last night, they made the presidential candidates conduct their next debate dressed as boxers wearing red clown noses. Obama came offContinue Reading

It’s that time of year. The toys are all on sale, especially the weird ones. Which brings me to Bratz vs Barbie wars. I am of an age to have grown up with both Barbie dolls and feminist commentary on Barbie dolls, and I find Bratz kind of interesting inContinue Reading