Ophelia Goes to Her Job – 10

Ophelia goes to her new job

Those of you who read the fourth collection might remember that Ophelia is a dot-com refugee, adrift, bankrupt, and ferociously disappointed. Because for a while the future looked bright for artsy people, they could make lots of money while still keeping wacky hours and purple hair and a certain level of creativity. Then there was a Republican in the White House again, and everything went to hell.

(I mean, okay, maybe it’s not ALL his fault, but doesn’t it seem kind of suspicious that every time a Republican becomes president, the economy immediately goes into a recession? Aren’t Republicans supposed to be the lots-o-money party? Just what is going on here?)

Ophelia’s rant is based on something that crossed my mind the last time somebody asked me for “spare change” while I was walking to the bus stop. I have mixed feelings about panhandlers. On the one hand, I believe they have a perfect right to stand on the street and ask for change, and I oppose to most civic efforts to get them off the streets as undemocratic and repressive.

On the other hand, they really get on my nerves.