I know, I know, you’re probably getting bored with Hugo-related content by now. There has indeed been a lot of it, with blog posts back and forth, epic comment threads, and the occasional Sad mastermind or defender popping in to explain himself. But there are a couple of sentiments thatContinue Reading

The theme this year is pirates. I just realized I am on no pirate-related programming. So I will throw this out there: a few years ago I was saying that pirates are the new zombies are the new vampires. Steampunk is the new pirates. I don’t know if there’s aContinue Reading

Thursday 9pm Cascade 8 Fantastic Fantasy Females Friday 11am Grand 3 Dark Urban Fantasy and Horror Friday 5pm Evergreen 3&4 Supernatural Seattle Friday 6pm Cascade 4 Supernatural /vs/ Sci-Fi Friday 11pm Cascade 9 Has Hollywood Sucked the Vampires Dry? Sunday 3pm Cascade 5&6 Should Genre Labels Disappear?Continue Reading