False Daughter

Just came home through the back yard. There was a black cat in the yard of the same size and general type as Daughter, one of the spayed feral cats we have been feeding for the past ten years. So I assumed it was Daughter.

Then she came up to me and started rubbing herself on my legs. This is NOT DAUGHTER! Then I saw she had a collar. Then I saw she had round yellow eyes instead of slanty demonic green eyes.

This whole thing is kind of freaking me out. There is a False Daughter Kitty on the premises. And she is hanging around fuzzing her scent on everything.

Real Daughter is not going to like this.

False Daughter is so cute, though!

(Note, I tried to get a picture of False Daughter’s eyes, just to prove I wasn’t hallucinating, but couldn’t get her to look at me timed with snapping a picture.)