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Month: April 2009

Fashion theory 101

So I have a working theory now: fashion is experiencing something like the “long tail” effect that is happening in other art forms — increasing segmentation. So instead of propagating through the culture as a whole, fashion trends are more likely to appear as either an entirely new sub-genre (such as steampunk) or within an existing sub-genre (as in “all the goths are suddenly wearing wings this year.”) In that model, the persistance of the ugliest fashion trend ever makes more sense — it’s not a trend that inexplicably refuses to die, it’s a sub-genre, like punk or something. Thanks…

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Fashion is dead, long live fashion

Oh, George Will, my favorite Republican scold. You had me for a while, with your anti-denim rant, until you dissed cartoons, and then we parted company. (Also, I’m not entirely certain about the wisdom of taking sartorial advice from a man who wears a bow tie without a trace of irony.) But I snickered at your source material when it said, “Denim is the SUV of fabrics, the wardrobe equivalent of driving a hulking Land Rover to the Whole Foods Market.” Just yesterday, I was looking out a bus window and sighing to myself over the way the ugliest of…

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