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Month: July 2009

And this is why people should never listen to my crits, ever

Dear Stephanie Meyer, I have finished the first seven chapters of your novel Twilight and I think it has potential but needs a lot of work. On the plus side, I find your situation intriguing, and there are glimmers of decent writing throughout. On the other hand, I find your viewpoint character a bit off-putting, the voice uneven, and the action pretty much nonexistent. I think the voice is the biggest problem for me, because I can’t tell what you’re actually trying to do with it. I know you’re writing first person from the viewpoint of a teenage girl, so…

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Messages from my subconscious

I was trying earlier to describe my relationship to my subconscious mind, and I was overextending a metaphor about ships being piloted through narrow passageways full of zombies and sharp rocks. Then it hit me: my subconscious is like a Magic 8-Ball. It’s got a kind of Tardis thing going on so that the inside of the ball is infinite. Things swim up from the mysterious depths and press their faces to the window. Sometimes if I don’t pay attention to them they start tapping on the glass. Then if I really don’t pay attention to them they start throwing…

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Into the Woods

This season five episode where Buffy and Riley split up gets props for having the same name as a Stephen Sondheim musical, but otherwise it’s one of my least favorites in the entire series. There’s something deeply unpleasant and icky about it. (And I say this as one of the fans who likes the scene in season six where Buffy and Spike beat the hell out of each other and then have sex for the first time.)

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True Blood

I previously saw one episode from the middle of the first season, and found it interesting but kind of oddly B-movie-ish. That is, it had a lot of bloody, sexy energy but people said and did ridiculous things and were prone to overacting.

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Because it’s my birthday

On Monday. But on Monday, I’ll be working all day at my *Shiny New Job* (actually, shiny new orientation session) so on Sunday I am 1. Seeing Star Trek with my parents at Pacific Place, and then 2. Going to Buca di Beppo, 5ish. Since Buca is more fun with a larger group, if you want to come along, please do, but let me know by Sunday morning so I can make reservations.

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My life in a long ramble

(Started at 5:30 this morning.) Why am I up? I could be hungry. If I go to bed hungry I can’t sleep through the night. But I don’t always realize at first that I am hungry, it takes a while for me to be awake enough to recognize that feeling. It could be anxiety/excitement (which often feel remarkably similar). Today at 7:40 pm I get on a train going south to Seattle. Then tomorrow I go and make sure that I’m not dying of plague, so that I can start my new job as a web developer for Seattle Children’s…

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The Incredible Hulk

Last night I watched the 2008 version with Edward Norton. I also somewhat recently watched, via Hulu, the pilot to the TV series. Now, I really disliked the 2003 Ang Lee Hulk. I thought it was boring, self-important, and nonsensical. I also thought it learned absolutely nothing from the TV series, which I adored. The 2008 movie was somewhat less boring and self-important, but it was every bit as nonsensical. It learned a couple of things from the TV series, I suppose. For one thing, Edward Norton is a much better Bill Bixby substitute than Eric Bana. Because I have…

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The trend that never dies

Although Jezebel is how I came to the brilliant Buffy vs. Edward clip, I disagree quite a lot with this analysis of recent vampire trends which concludes women play a supporting role. Basically, it’s confused about what it means to "play a supporting role." It doesn’t mean you’re not the vampire. It means it’s not your story. It means you are not the protagonist. It means the story is not constructed from your point of view. The most traditional vampire stories are not told from the vampire’s point of view, that’s what made Anne Rice seem so fresh, once upon…

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In 1969 we landed on the moon. Then for a long time, nothing happened.

I only recently saw a link to this article from a few months ago, On Campus, Vampires Are Besting the Beats. His premise: when this one chick went to college back in 1969 (based on her memory, anyway) everybody she knew was reading stuff like Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Golden Notebook, Sylvia Plath, and Anaïs Nin. It was deep, man. But now, based on campus best-seller lists, all college students read nothing but the lame Twilight series and books about Barack Obama. "It’s as though somebody stole Abbie Hoffman’s book — and…

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Invisible unicorns

So, Richard Dawkins is helping to start a new atheist summer camp. It’s more than just an atheist summer camp — it’s a skeptic indoctrination summer camp: "Camp-goers aged eight to 17 will also be taught how to disprove phenomena such as crop circles and telepathy. In the Invisible Unicorn Challenge, any child who can prove that unicorns do not exist will win a £10 note" Somehow that makes the whole enterprise sound so utterly joyless. I imagine it turning out legions of prim and literal-minded little pendants, children who adjust their glasses before informing you that, actually, they are…

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