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Month: September 2009

The Vampire Diaries: Pilot and the next one, whatever it was called

The very first scene of The Vampire Diaries pilot showed a lot of promise, because it’s actually a horror scene. Country road! Night! Fog that comes out of nowhere! Raven! Then the boyfriend disappears out of the frame, up. When vampires can fly, I hate actually seeing them fly, because it tends to look seriously dumb, but I love things like people looking up into the sky and screaming, and people getting pulled up out of the frame as if they’ve been snatched by a giant bird. (In general, this is what works in horror: I, the viewer, cannot possibly…

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Fountain pens and Halloween

Okay, so, the final verdict is in: our Halloween party is a Day of the Dead party on November 7. That way we can go to Steamcon and World Fantasy. I have a fountain pen that got busted when I let somebody else write with it and they pressed down much too hard in a weird direction. Note that I do not mean “busted to the naked eye” I just mean that the alignment of the tines had gone off a bit, enough so that it wouldn’t write. This made me very unhappy because I really liked that pen, and…

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And we’re not even moving yet

I have been rearranging and cleaning out stuff in the house to try to make it easier to deal with, and also in anticipation of the Halloween party (October 24! Write it down!). This is the sort of task that seems really exciting at first and then after I’ve been at it a while it just makes me want to curl up in a little ball and weep. The obvious trash is easy to toss. The shoes I got for my brother’s first wedding that I haven’t worn in at least five years, it’s easy to throw those in the…

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My walk around Greenlake, with bats

Finally! Some summer bat action. I started the Greenlake circuit counterclockwise at around 8 pm and there were lots of bats in the sky for the first half hour, just a couple of bats for the second — and I don’t know if it was time of day or portion of the lake that made the difference. Maybe I’ll go the other way tomorrow and find out. The moon is gibbous, tonight, which sounds vaguely menacing, but it just means more than half, less than all the way full. In Lovecraft moons are always gibbous. It was shining on the…

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