Montreal WorldCon Saturday

According to my pictures, I went for crepes in the old section of town, met some nice writers, and then went to a hippie party where Paul fell asleep and got decorated by aliens.

Montreal WorldCon - Saturday


  1. Author

    Sorry. I meant with aliens. But I’m leaving the typo in because it’s funny.

    1. You know Paul has been decorated while asleep in a party so often that it’s really not even a special event anymore.

  2. I have traveled from the year 1974 to tell you that

    Paul looks funny when decorated..

    1. Author

      Re: I have traveled from the year 1974 to tell you that

      That’s why people keep doing it.

      I think it’s because even when asleep he manages to look vaguely outraged at the liberties being taken.

  3. Love the outline of the house with a chimney on the back of the big brick building. What the heck building was that?

    Paul should count himself lucky. When Joseph Nicholas falls asleep at fannish parties, people draw on him with colored pens.

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