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Month: July 2011

Write-a-thon ENDAGAME!

What?!? Final Friday already? All right, it’s time for an update. The second short story is still in edit mode. I still feel like it’s just missing something. Okay, tomorrow I must send it somewhere even if I still think it’s not all that. Who knows, maybe I’m not the best judge of these things and I should really be sending off the stuff that I’m not that happy with. Maybe that’s the secret to overcoming submitaphobia — send out only stuff that I already thinks sucks, then it doesn’t matter if it gets rejected. Argh, that can’t be right.…

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Angst torpedoes

All right. It’s Sunday and the last couple of weeks were kind of a miserable failure write-a-thon wise. Naturally, I am duty-bound to tell you the whole pathetic story. For my life is nothing if not a big weepy pile of self-caused angst. My plan for this was: 1 week to write a story, 1 week to edit the same story, pick a market, and submit. But I went most of the week before last just not getting anything to take off. I poked at some of my ideas in my idea file, but it was largely a dispiriting and…

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Some people hate fantasy for some reason

I know, this Ginia Bellafonte Game of Thrones review was back in April, but I’m slow to get to these things and I worked on this when none of my short story ideas were going anywhere. The gist: it’s less a review of the actual program, and more of a complaint about how fantasy is stupid and also boy fiction. She starts out by describing it as a "fantasy epic set in a quasi-medieval somewhereland" and seems to be complaining that it’s a waste of money because with its budget "a show like Mad Men might have the financing to…

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Write-a-thon: Day 14

Internal dialog on a Saturday morning Hey, it’s Saturday of Clarion West Week 2 and you know what that means! Fourth of July weekend? No, you have to submit that story you wrote. Oh. Right. I… I promised to do that, didn’t I? Yes, and you have to. But — But what? Nothing. Of course I’m going to do that. But first I — First nothing! Just submit it. First I have to make and drink coffee. Otherwise I’m likely to misspell my own name. …all right. Coffee can always come first. And wait for my vision to clear, I’m…

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