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Month: August 2012

Black cats rule the world

( and I find ourselves discussing the weird puppet cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for some reason) Me: I think the cat was supposed to be an enchanted human, wasn't he? That's why he could talk and stuff? Paul: Was he supposed to be enchanted into a puppet cat or a real cat? Me: Real, I think. Which is weird now that I think of it. You're in a house with three witches and none of them can change you back? (Pause.) Of course, if somebody enchanted me into a black cat, I'm not sure I'd want to be…

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Political icons

I know, I know, but sometimes when I pass the USA Today paper box I scan the headlines for what’s up in the moderately right-leaning mainstream zeitgeist. Those guys fluffed McCain something fierce in 2008 — they seem a little less enthused about Romney, at least, so far. But the other day they had a one-column where the headline was "voters trust Romney more on economy." So I rolled my eyes and walked on. But it got me thinking about why that would be. Why would voters trust Romney more on the economy? Is it because they know about his…

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