Black cats rule the world

( and I find ourselves discussing the weird puppet cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for some reason)

Me: I think the cat was supposed to be an enchanted human, wasn't he? That's why he could talk and stuff?

Paul: Was he supposed to be enchanted into a puppet cat or a real cat?

Me: Real, I think. Which is weird now that I think of it. You're in a house with three witches and none of them can change you back?


Of course, if somebody enchanted me into a black cat, I'm not sure I'd want to be changed back. Especially if I retained the power of speech.

Paul: You wouldn't be able to type.

Me: I could dictate. And just imagine the book signings!


  1. I for some reason have totally been watching this series at night before I go to bed….I love the cat. But yes he was a human who tried to take of the world and so to punish him the witches council turned him onto a cat for a hundred years…

    it is sad I know this?

    1. Author

      Sad? Of course not! It’s a vitally important thing to know, obviously.

      1. See, I only watched the show occasionally, and I knew he was a cursed warlock who had used his powers for evil, and therefore was turned into a cat as a punishment. The puppet part was just poor effects budgeting.

        1. Author

          It’s funny. He didn’t seem that evil, as I recall. Had he learned his lesson?

          1. Well, it’s a silly show. He’s not so much evil as self-absorbed and selfish, and few other self-things. Which, hey, now he’s a cat. He did try to destroy or run or otherwise co-opt the world, I think, as a warlock. Also I think the conceit was that now he’s a cat, he’s more easily distracted. And when people yell at him about human stuff, his response is usually something like “Hey, cat here.”

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