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Tag: the paul and julie show

On being an adult

Paul: I learned to do specific, useless household chores as a kid. Like iron towels. Julie: My mom asked me to help fold towels once. Then she told me to stop because I was doing it wrong. I don’t think I ever did anything around the house again. Just this morning, Paul and I were talking about household chores, and then later I ran into this essay about how we all need to learn to do domestic adult-type things. [ Be an adult… learn to cook] This inspired me to locate and publish this partially completed essay started about a…

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Black cats rule the world

( and I find ourselves discussing the weird puppet cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch for some reason) Me: I think the cat was supposed to be an enchanted human, wasn't he? That's why he could talk and stuff? Paul: Was he supposed to be enchanted into a puppet cat or a real cat? Me: Real, I think. Which is weird now that I think of it. You're in a house with three witches and none of them can change you back? (Pause.) Of course, if somebody enchanted me into a black cat, I'm not sure I'd want to be…

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Bicycle! Bicycle!

Me: Oh, KEXP is playing Queen because it's Bike to Work day. Paul: I'm not biking to work. Me: No, biking all the way to West Seattle would be pretty hardcore. And with the broken elbow you're not even up to softcore right now. (long pause) You know, "hardcore" can mean a lot of things but "softcore" pretty much only refers to porn, doesn't it? Paul: Cheesecake is another one — it can mean a lot of different things, but "beefcake" only means one thing. Me: I want to start a restaurant chain called The Beefcake Factory.

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