You know you’re a curmudgeon when…


  1. I don’t hate the way bacon has become so trendy, but I’m not going to enjoy the anti-bacon backlash. “Bacon? That’s soooooo 2008.”

      1. Turn-around time has become really short lately. I mean, that was an hour and twenty-two minutes. Whoosh.

        1. Oh, but Chris is always ahead of the pack on the Scorn Curve. I wouldn’t expect the real backlash for weeks yet.

          1. You’ve been scorning bacon since before scorning bacon was cool, true enough. All those kids oughtta get off your lawn.

          2. Chris, I remember when you & I would cure smoke a whole slab. Then we’d stay up all night frying rasher after rasher. What happened to you? You used to be beautiful, man.

          3. Author

            Chris scorns everything, so he’s permanently ahead of the pack on the Scorn Curve.

  2. Thanks Cam. Today’s P-I claimed bacon was 2008.
    I guess I get to live in the past yet again.

    1. With any luck, living in the past will be the new hotness. (Or whatever the current phrase is that means “the new hotness”.)

      I’ve been meaning to give these bacon, cheese, and scallion scones a try. Maybe I’ll bake some up in honor of the passing of bacon’s trendiness.

  3. Bacon the delicious crunchy treat is classic, and bacon salts and seasoning have their place even at the tables of kosher vegans. But maybe the adulation has gone too far after all. (I still kind of like some of the bacon scarves, though.)

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