Bicycle! Bicycle!

  • Me: Oh, KEXP is playing Queen because it's Bike to Work day.
  • Paul: I'm not biking to work.
  • Me: No, biking all the way to West Seattle would be pretty hardcore. And with the broken elbow you're not even up to softcore right now.

    (long pause)

    You know, "hardcore" can mean a lot of things but "softcore" pretty much only refers to porn, doesn't it?

  • Paul: Cheesecake is another one — it can mean a lot of different things, but "beefcake" only means one thing.
  • Me: I want to start a restaurant chain called The Beefcake Factory.


  1. And I want to create a type of music called “softcore”.

  2. I’m imaging topless, ripped male waiters serving steaks and rich desserts.

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