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Month: August 2013

From the vault: The new Tron movie

(Now that I have updated the website, I am doing some electronic housecleaning. Sometimes I run into a fairly complete, but unpublished essay, such as this one.) So, we saw the new Tron movie. I have inexplicably fond feelings for the old one. I saw it as a teenager, but even then I realized 1. It wasn’t very good, and 2. Jeff Bridges was great. Sure, it was kinda stupid, but it looked cool and it had David Warner as the villain. The new movie is stupid, and still looks cool. But it doesn’t look new and innovative cool. It…

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This is actually a post about writing, but I’m going to start out talking about Bikram Yoga. There is a pose, called standing head to knee. It’s supposed to go something like this: 1. Lift one leg and balance on the other with a locked knee. 2. Reach down to grab under the lifted foot with a firm, locked grip. 3. Keeping your hands locked under your foot, kick out the lifted leg so that it is at about 90 degrees from the standing leg. 4. Curl your torso down until your forehead is on your lifted knee. 5. At…

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Mermaids: still not the new vampires

[inspired by this Slate article: Mermaids are not the new vampires] The concept of something being the “new vampires” is almost exactly like the concept of something being the “new black” — it’s a joke. There is no new black. There is never a new black. Black is black for a reason. Vampires are vampires for a reason. Sure, for a while I was joking that pirates were the new zombies were the new vampires, but it was a joke. And pirates and zombies can walk on land, and are traditionally seen as monsters, or at least anti-heroes, so that…

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Pacific Rim


Saw Pacific Rim on Sunday… another movie I wanted to love, and unfortunately didn’t. Guillermo del Toro! Nerd obsessions! Giant monsters! Mako Mori! Idris Elba! It looks pretty and there are some parts of it that work great, but overall I was bored too often and surprised and delighted too little.

(Spoilers, I’m sure, follow.)

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