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Month: April 2015

Ain’t nobody’s business if you don’t

I know, I know, you’re probably getting bored with Hugo-related content by now. There has indeed been a lot of it, with blog posts back and forth, epic comment threads, and the occasional Sad mastermind or defender popping in to explain himself. But there are a couple of sentiments that have been cropping up, which I wanted to address, because I think they are a sneaky way of attempting to tell people how to vote this year. And that pertains to Happy Kittens. The first notion goes something like this: “no matter what, it’s YOUR JOB to read everything on…

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Happy, happy kittens

This post is about the so-called Sad and/or Rabid Puppies, and if you need background on exactly what that is, please refer to this IO9 article. In my own post, whenever I attribute motive or reasoning to Brad Torgersen, Author of Sadness, it is based on this very thorough analysis of Torgerson’s own essays on the topic, from a writer who declined to be included on the Sad slate. (Thanks to Janna Silverstein for the link.) It’s a happy kitten. I thought you’d like it.  The short answer is that Torgersen appears to be under the impression that the Hugos used…

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It’s a monstrous thing

And why should you obey your parents, girls? It’s good practice for obeying your husbands! — the minister’s wife, to a Sunday school class full of teenage girls, including me. When I wanted to write a novel playing around with the loup-garou legends of Cajun Louisiana, I started with what I saw as the fundamental basis for a werewolf story: your protagonist wakes up somewhere unusual, with no clothes and no idea how she got there. Maybe she appears to have eaten a duck, in spite of being a vegetarian. Now, go! For me, the ideal werewolf story also needed…

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Six and a half easy ways you can help me promote Waking up Naked in Strange Places

> Hey everyone! Waking up Naked in Strange Places, my first novel, is officially released April 2 — that’s tomorrow! I’ve been working hard trying to brainstorm ways to promote the book. If you are interested in helping me do that, I think you’ll find the methods below easy and fun. Buy an extra copy of the trade paperback. Gut the interior pages, leaving you with just the cover. Whenever you are reading in public, no matter what you are reading — a different book, an e-book, a bus schedule — wrap the WUNISP cover around it, so that it…

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