Six and a half easy ways you can help me promote Waking up Naked in Strange Places

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Hey everyone! Waking up Naked in Strange Places, my first novel, is officially released April 2 — that’s tomorrow! I’ve been working hard trying to brainstorm ways to promote the book. If you are interested in helping me do that, I think you’ll find the methods below easy and fun.

  1. Buy an extra copy of the trade paperback. Gut the interior pages, leaving you with just the cover. Whenever you are reading in public, no matter what you are reading — a different book, an e-book, a bus schedule — wrap the WUNISP cover around it, so that it appears you are reading my book…
  2. Get a friend to read the book aloud to you and live-tweet the experience, but be sure to avoid spoilers. So your tweets will be things like “OMG the most amazing thing just happened! Never saw that coming! #ReadingWUNISP” or “When that one character did that thing with the thing? AWESOME. #ReadingWUNISP”
  3. Buy a bunch of extra copies of the book. Hang around outside evangelical churches when the services let out, and try to give them copies of the book, explaining how it changed your life.
    1. Get a handful of friends to help you do this. Bonus points if one of you plays the guitar and you all sing werewolf hymns.
    2. No, I don’t know what werewolf hymns would sound like. A lot of AROOOOOO noises, probably.
  4. Walk around naked carrying a copy of the book. Make sure it is prominently displayed in any photographs taken at your arrest.
    1. Bonus! When the police interrogate you, at first, claim that you read my book and it somehow hypnotized you into thinking you were a werewolf, and that’s why you were naked in public.
    2. Give at least three days for the controversy over “people who really think they’re werewolves” to get totally out of hand and my book proclaimed a menace, then admit you were just kidding.
  5. Interpretive dance.
  6. Everywhere you go, whenever you see somebody taking a picture, photo-bomb them with a copy of my book. Weddings! Funerals! Christenings! Ribbon-cutting ceremonies! Press conferences! Awards shows! Mug shots! International peace summits!
    Really, there’s no bad place and no possible way this could go wrong.

(Not that I expect anyone to do any of this, but if you are tempted, please do note the original date of the post.)