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Month: February 2017

Everywhere I look, melting snowflakes

One of my working theories about understanding the political right in this country — everybody from Donald Trump to your Mom’s racist brother — is to assume that every insult they lob against the “other side” (that is, us, liberals, Democrats) is projection. Take this “snowflake” business. It’s clear how the right uses it — a derogitory term meaning people on the left are just too precious, too sensitive, too delicate for this world, with feelings that are soooooo easy to bruise, a worldview that is soooooo fragile. Although “snowflake” has been a slang term in other uses before, the…

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Alpha women finding love

When I was younger, I used to assume that ridiculous anti-feminist articles like this one were persuasive pieces aimed at feminist women like me. They were scary stories, cautionary tales, intended to undermine my confidence in my own values. Their message was: ladies, I know you think you’re happy pursuing your career and all that, but YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE SOMEDAY WHEN YOU CAN’T FIND LOVE. I laughed at them. How pathetic, how gullible did they think we were? Then there came a time when I started to assume that they were nothing but clickbait, deliberately incendiary nonsense crafted…

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