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Month: December 2019

Confuse a fascist today

(The following is a slightly modified Twitter thread) Stonekettle & Sarah Kendzior had the same message, which people ignored. Who will stop him? Nobody. That ship sailed. And when I warned you all this would happen if you didn’t show up, liberals called me a corporatist and a fascist and said we needed to burn it all down and start over. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Careful what you wish for, I guess. — Stonekettle (@Stonekettle) December 13, 2019 But, I dunno, it’s not that I’m an optimist, it’s just that I refuse to give my oppressors the pleasure and comfort of my…

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Goth House: A Friday the Thirteenth nightmare!

Back when I was updating the comic regularly, I liked to do nightmares whenever a Friday the Thirteenth came around. Here it is, the first published Goth House Comic since… uh… 2009? Really? That long? The backstory here is based on a project I’m still PLANNING to do someday, which is finish out the story of the rise and fall of the band. The upshot is that after a rise and fall and a bunch of other events, the old Goth House crew ends up sharing a house together again, in Seattle this time, for money reasons. Some of them…

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