(Started at 5:30 this morning.) Why am I up? I could be hungry. If I go to bed hungry I can’t sleep through the night. But I don’t always realize at first that I am hungry, it takes a while for me to be awake enough to recognize that feeling.Continue Reading

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet, here is a link to a lame attempt to make us feel sympathy for somebody who donated to California’s Proposition 8. The editorial is extremely manipulative — right from the headline."A life thrown into turmoil by $100 donation for Prop. 8" —Continue Reading

I have a weird quirk to my personality, where I believe in failure, but have a hard time believing in success. Failure is always real — knife-in-the-gut real. But success? Surreal. Kind of distant and fuzzy, like it’s a dream I’m having and I’m going to eventually wake up. ThisContinue Reading

Today I just became aware of perhaps the strangest of the strange Obama rumors traveling through the email-o-sphere: that Obama had been employing Voodoo against McCain, which causes him to writhe around and grimace uncontrollably. I just want to set the record straight here. Yes, there is voodoo being employedContinue Reading

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a crude spray-paint job on Dino Rossi’s name on the large campaign sign in the yard of an insurance place near where I work. The McCain/Palin sign had a penis painted on it. Yesterday, I noticed that our neighbor’s Obama/Biden sign had beenContinue Reading