24 hour comics day

I have been informed that I am hosting a 24-hour comics day at my house on October 18. It will not be an entirely proper comics day, as it will go from 10 am on the 18th to 10 am on the 19th instead of from midnight to midnight. But it will be at my house. Participants and minions (that is, people to make coffee and fetch snacks) are welcome.


  1. There’s nothing illegitimate about not starting at midnight. I was the central organizer of 24 Hour Comics Day for the first 4 years, and very few events started at midnight; we actually discouraged it (people should at least -start- rested!) So long as you either start or end your 24 hours on Oct 18th, you’re a perfectly legitimate celebrant of 24 Hour Comics Day!

  2. Are you going to be writing about Goth House or something else?

    1. Author

      I haven’t entirely decided. It’s either Goth House adventures, or a spinoff adventure for the Fabulous Demon Babe who showed up in the Supervillains story.

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