Cats save lives

Cat interrupts catnap, possibly saving two
MANCHESTER, Pa. — A cat interrupted a catnap, possibly saving two lives. Jean Poole and her 9-month-old granddaughter were dozing Tuesday in Poole’s home in the Newberry Estates mobile home park. Poole’s 7-year-old cat, Princess, woke them up, meowing loudly.

Poole got up, smelled smoke and heard crackling flames. She went to check the wood burning stove in the living room, and saw flames at the picture window. With fire blocking the front door, Poole grabbed the baby and went out the rear door. Then she returned to get Princess.

House cat calls 911 for injured owner
COLUMBUS, Ohio – A man who fell out of his wheelchair says his cat apparently called 911 for help.

Police received a 911 call from Gary Rosheisen’s apartment Thursday, but there was no one on the line. When they called back and got no answer, they decided to check things out.

In the apartment they found Tommy the cat lying by a telephone on the living room floor.

Rosheisen was unable to get up because of ministrokes that disrupt his balance and pain from osteoporosis. He also wasn’t wearing his medical-alert necklace and couldn’t reach a cord above his pillow that alerts paramedics that he needs help.

Rosheisen said he got the cat three years ago and tried to train him to call 911, unsure if the training ever stuck. The phone in the living room is always on the floor, and there are 12 small buttons – including a speed dial for 911.

Didn’t it used to be dogs that saved people’s lives?


  1. Eh, Princess was just saving herself. She would have burned up too, and lacked opposable thumbs to open the door with.

    Tommy probably was just hoping for a kitty treat for performing the trick he was trained to do. :)

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