Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 3: Belle Chose

I went through a lot of pain to watch this episode. After watching the season premier at MikeK’s, and successfully Hulu-streaming episode 2 with no issues, I tried to Hulu-stream this one and it was all herky-jerky. (Is that how you spell that? Is there a right way to spell these things?)

But the opening scene, with an obvious psycho arranging paralyzed women into creepy real-life mannequins, was just too intriguing. I had to see the whole thing. So I paid actual money and downloaded it from iTunes. Which took ELEVEN HOURS. I am not kidding. It was “high def” which I didn’t really need, but I didn’t see an option to download a smaller, less high-def file. I left it going overnight.

The next day I tried to watch the file on my laptop and it was less herky-jerky than Hulu, but it was still a stuttering, glitchy watching experience. So at that point I had to go out and buy a new iPod, one with video support, and watch it on that.

Ha, just kidding! I already bought the new iPod last week, to make my extensive time on public transit a little more entertaining. I can’t always read in a moving vehicle. But I can listen to podcasts of stories read aloud. (My favorite source is Pseudopod.)

I did have to watch the episode on my iPod, though. On my iPod it was fine. Tiny, but fine.

It’s my favorite of the season so far. I liked the way it examines sex and sex roles in a thoughtful, cynical way. I liked the overall creepiness of it.

(Based on this episode, with the whole “you think you’re you, but you’re really in a coma, here’s a picture” thing, and last week’s episode, with the “they’ve taken my baby! No, ma’am, you never had a baby, that’s all in your mind” element, I am now imagining that all David Lynch movies take place in the Dollhouse universe.)

All the pain was worth it for the scenes of Victor-as-Kiki dancing in the club. And now it’s on my iPod so I can watch it whenever I want.


  1. Speaking of which, thanks for mentioning last season’s unaired show! I hadn’t heard about it until then, and downloaded and watched it a couple days ago. It ties in pretty well to this one, I think.

      1. Author

        I was reading an interview with Joss Whedon, and he said he thought it enhanced the season 2 episodes to have seen Epitaph One and know where all this is going.

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