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How ‘The Karate Kid’ ruined the modern world (by introducing the concept of the training montage)

So, people bail on diets. Not just because they’re harder than they expected, but because they’re so much harder it seems unfair, almost criminally unjust. You can’t shake the bitter thought that, "This amount of effort should result in me looking like a panty model."


    1. Author

      I was cringing in slightly embarrassed recognition for much of it. “Ahh, everything is so harrrrrd why aren’t I rich and famous and perfect?”

      1. Still, it’s good to know that Hollywood is, per usual, to blame for all of my life’s problems. Nothing to do with me.

  1. Awesome article. Can’t tell you how many times I have had the conversation with someone that their expectations were ridiculously idealistic to have them get pissed at me and then later come back and say…um you know…you were right.

    So yeah..you were right

  2. I had no intention of losing weight when I stopped eating sugar, but when, after 30 days, I weighed myself and had lost no weight, I was pissed. Where’s my payoff?!

    Oh well…

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