It’s just a cold, really

I know the deep rattling coughs are alarming. And I know that I am giving you a dead-eyed zombie stare, but it is only because the coughing makes it hard to sleep and I’m a bit tired. That’s all.

I have not been bitten. It is just a cold. It is – just – a – cold.

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  1. That sounds a lot like what I had. You know, my naturopath had some dietary recommendations that helped a lot. There’s an old Taiwanese cure that involves a whole lot of sheep’s brain. It seemed awfully… well, ew. I had my doubts. But it turns out the stuff grew on me, and it worked. I’m still foggy-headed, but I stopped coughing within a day and a half.

    Plus, it’s a funny thing — ever since I started the cure, I’ve been feeling more and more placid and sociable. It’s been very calming. I feel like I’m just out of a warm baaaaaaaath baaaaaaaaa

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