Just in case you were wondering how I see the debt ceiling deal

I see it like this. There’s a bus full of schoolchildren, plus several bags of money earmarked for things the kids need, like repairs to the school and teachers and health care and food and such. The schoolchildren have two adult escorts. One of them is driving the bus. The other one is the POTUS.

As they are driving through a twisty mountain road, the driver suddenly cackles maniacally and aims the bus straight for the cliff, declaring that he is going to drive the bus off the cliff if the POTUS doesn’t give him all the money.

The POTUS tries other solutions, and when those don’t work, at the last possible minute he tackles the bus driver, seizes control of the bus, and prevents the bus from going over the cliff. But in the process, the crazy bus driver gets away with half the money.

Now people are complaining that the bad guy is still out there ready to make trouble, and that he’s got half the money. Some of them seem to be complaining that the POTUS didn’t kill the bad guy before taking control of the bus. They are demoralized by the fact that this bad guy’s schemes keep being so effective, given that he’s crazy and kind of stupid. How did he even get to be in the position of driving that bus anyway? It’s ridiculous, everybody knew he was going to do something crazy like that.

But for this particular bad guy, there is only one way to kill him. The 2012 elections.


  1. Good analogy. Is the killing the bad guy a reference to an amendment to the constitution that allows the President certain powers to overrule the opposition?

    1. Author

      Thanks. No, in this case the bad guy is the Republican majority in the House, which can be “killed” by restoring a Democratic majority in 2012.

  2. What I want to know is…

    How are teachers, the poor and people without healthcare responsible for the financial mess that we are in again?

    Great analogy Julie.

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